What We Do

We build cohesive teams across organizational boundaries through mutual trust, shared understanding, clearly defined business intent, mission orientation, disciplined initiative, and prudent acceptance of risk.

We lead these teams through mission command allowing these teams to take advantage of fleeting opportunities to exploit initiative and seize business advantage.

We design, develop, and deploy the process, technology, and structure enabling subordinate team leaders at every level across organizational boundaries to exercise initiative and practice the art of command.

We build businesses by design – not default.

We balance tactical realities and constraints with strategic mission intent.

We create strategic clarity.

We deliver profitable business growth.

Delivering value through harmoniously aligned business objectives

Core Values


We practice partnership, built upon common goals, open and honest communication, and shared risk and reward.

Client Value Cycle

Delivering value is an ongoing iterative process that begins with initial introduction to SAI.

Client Value Cycle


We deliver profitable growth by leveraging our relationships and operational knowledge of retail organizations to design, develop, and deliver innovative concepts, products, solutions, and services.

Retail Expertise

Experts in retail strategy, store operations, demand & supply chain planning, merchandising, and structural & organizational process

Business Experience & Relevant Business Knowhow

Seasoned retail and CPG professionals that know how to GET THINGS DONE.


Broad and deep network of contacts and organizational process.

Retail Organization

  • Merchandising
  • Circle
  • Marketing
  • Circle
  • Modular Planning
  • Circle
  • Operations
  • Circle
  • Logistics
  • Circle
  • Sourcing

Business Results that are:

  • Customer friendly
  • Circle
  • Profitable
  • Circle
  • A Strategic value to the client and the Retailer
  • Circle
  • Future-based
  • Circle
  • High quality

Value Proposition

Delivering value through harmoniously aligned business objectives.

Value Proposition

The Strategic Business Diamond

We engage all points of the strategic business diamond to ensure we understand total organizational capability and its alignment with strategic objectives.

Strategic Business Diamond

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